Places to visit: Utah – Best Friends Animal Society – Planning Your Visit

Best Friends Animal Society – Planning Your Visit.

This looks like a great place to visit and stay if you have any animal loving kiddos like I do.  Don’t know if we will ever make it out there, but hope we do. 

Both my son and daughter would love it.

If you have ever been there please leave your review/recommendation.  


Wisconsin Dells – Day 2; the rest of the story

After the Exploratory we went back to the Black Hawk Motel to swim until it was time to get ready to go back to Tommy Bartlett for the water ski show. We had some great neighbors in our motel in which their grandson and our boy became fast friends. Luckily, they had headed back to the motel at the same time and the kiddos were able to have a couple of hours playing in the pool and I was able to have some great conversation with Katherine, the friend’s grandmother (not much older than me). These pics are from the motel’s web site;

The kids went back and forth between the outdoor pool, indoor pool and hot tub. They even enjoyed a taste of the sauna to warm up in.

After a fun afternoon of swimming we headed over to The Tommy Bartlett Greatest Show on H2O.  The kiddos loved watching the show and the water skiers.

This was a very entertaining show which kept the kids interest.  The best part, which I don’t have a picture of, was watching my sons face when he saw the water skier jump through the flames at the end of the ramp.  I could see the little wheels turning in my boy’s head trying to figure out how the guy had done that without getting burnt. 

However, do you know what the best part was according to my kiddos,  (drum roll please….)

That’ right…. the juggler;

all in all, a good value for your buck. The show kept the interest of the kiddos throughout which as most of you parents know is not an easy thing to do.

Wisconsin Dells – Day 2

This was a Tommy Bartlett kind of day.

First on the agenda was breakfast.  Paul Bunyan’s is a family favorite, as well as a Dell’s Icon. Everything is delish! Obviously for this trip I left my Atkins Diet at home.

Next on the agenda was The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory. I can not recommend this MORE…it was our favorite activity of the trip. The kiddos had actually been there on a field trip a couple of weeks before and they wanted to go back.  It is an experience, full of hands on science exhibits, set in a space shuttle type of setting.  A little bit of show with a lot of hands on things for the kids to learn and do.

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Still to come a post on the Tommy Bartlett Water Ski show.

Pirate’s Cove Fun Center

After our wonderful game of golf and a bit of lunch at the kiddos favorite fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, we went back to Pirate’s Cove to enjoy their Fun Land.

It was pretty deserted and we were there during the hottest part of the day.  The jumping pillow was pretty hot and we needed to wear socks in order to enjoy jumping on it.   The kids did enjoy the high jump bouncer… which basically was a trampoline with basketball hoops on each end.   We pretty much just used it as a trampoline.

After playing on those two items for a while we went down to the pedal car track.  The pedal cars could go pretty fast and all of us were having a pretty good time until CRASH.  Hubby in trying to avoid the boy locked the brakes up and his car rolled.  I did not see the accident but Josh let us know about it right away.  In the end we were lucky that it was not more serious.  Other than being sore the scratches did not go very deep and the red on top is mostly blood blisters the skin was not punctured.  It is healing up pretty quickly too.  When I first arrived at the accident scene he was laying on the ground with his t-shirt still hooked around a door hinge to a tunnel you drive through.  I did not see the injury right away because the area of his back that got scratched was not where the hole in the shirt was at.  I lifted the pedal car off of him and and made sure he did not have a head injury.  By then the people who worked there had came down to the track to see how bad an accident it was and brought their first aid kit to the scene.

Hubby’s quote was this is what happens when a 40 something year old tries to act like a kid!

So we had a great time and luckily the accident happened on our last day there.

Home sweet home after that and to some fun relaxed days here such as staying in our PJ’s so far all day (except for hubby man – he is doing the yard work) and playing with Play-Doh.  At least that is what the kiddos are up to, I am making sure we have purchased all the back to school supplies and organizing them to get ready to take in to the meet the teacher night coming up this week.

Maybe we will go from our PJ’s to our swim suits soon but right now everyone is having fun chillin’.

Hubby was taking a video at the time of the crash, but he still needs to edit it, once he does I will add it to the blog.

Have you ever been injured while on vacation?

Hope everyone is having a safe yet fun weekend!