I Heart Faces – Water

We spent most of our day today at a local lake, it was overcast today so not bad as far as crowds go.

The kiddos had a great time swimming and catching minnows. Little girl tried to bring one home  as a pet.  Too bad it did not survive the car trip.

I love my boys face in this picture, he was coming up from being under the water.

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Menu Plan Monday

Reviewing my list from last  week it appears that I did actually get around to making everything.

Actually the  hero chicken is in the oven while we speak. Checking my spice drawer I did not have, or could not fine the parsley and paprika so I substituted tarragon and BBQ spice mix for those  items.

So on to this week…

Day 1 – Cheesy Cauliflower Ham Casserole

Day 2 – Grilled Salmon

Day 3 – Cheesy Beef Bake

Day 4 – Breakfast for Dinner; Baked Egg

Day 5 – Cheesebuger Quiche

and the treat I made for the kiddos this week is . . .

Nutella Cupcakes

Warning… these are not low carb…. I was good I just did a tiny taste test! One kiddo loved them, the picky kiddo did not… My taste test says they are yummy!!

Hope everyone has a terrific week!

Menu Plan Monday

I have been trying to do low carb for a year and half now…. had success with a 70 lb weight loss, then regained about 25 lb back and now have lost 10 of those lbs over the last couple of weeks.

The key for me is sticking to a low carb diet and exercise.

I still feed my kiddos the carbs, though and the hubby is happy to eat the meat but stays away from the sugar free concoctions for the most part.

I have found quite a few good low carb recipe recipes, which I will share with you today.

Day 1 – Scallops sauted in butter and scallions with a bit of garlic

Day 2 – Hot Dogs  (no bun for me) It is a a busy day with only 45 min in between activities for us.

Day 3 – Margarita Grilled Pork Tenderloins This is becoming a family favorite, you will not be disappointed!

Day 4 –Heroin Chicken I will modify it to use with Chicken Breast Tenderloins.  In case the kids ask what it is called, I think I will change the name to Hero Chicken.

Day 5 – Left overs

That’s it! Have a fun week!

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Margarita Grlled Pork Tenderloin

Busy Summer


It has been a while since I have updated, guess my new love Pinterest is taking up all my free computer time, what little their is.

I think too, I have been unmotivated.  I have changed the look of my blog several times to try to find my motivation.

I sort of like this one but the yellow on the side  is  a bit too bright for me.

I am the same way with day planners, usually changing every few months to stay motivated to use it,

I think I read somewhere where that is a right brain dominant issue.

So here is an updated family photo… my little lovies who take up all my other spare time.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday, full of sunshine and fun.

So anyway, do you Pin? If so, leave a link so I can follow you and if you don’t and want an invite let me know that too, I will try to figure out how to do that;I think I have a few invites that I can pass out.

Happy Golden Birthday

My precious baby girl is having her Golden B-day today.   This picture was taken this morning… she is taking a cupcake cake to school for her birthday snack today. 

We will probably take her to her favorite resturant, McDonald’s after school.  She will be thrilled, me and her daddy will have fun watching her!  She loves her chicken nuggets! 

The real party will be on Saturday…lot’s to do between now and then.   

Daughters are angels
Sent from above
To fill our heart
With unending love

Friendship Bread

I picked this book up last Friday and could not put it down until I finished reading it on Saturday.  It is a great read, great character development. 

My library had just received their copy and I was the lucky one to be able to pick it up first.  It truly is an amazing book.  I can not more highly recommend reading it. 

After researching a bit on the Internet I found out the author also created a website for friendship bread recipes and community of Friendship Bread lovers. 

Check out the book and the website, Friendship Bread Kitchen, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Water For Elephants

This is the first book I have read this year.  It is a good read and well written.  I enjoyed it and loved the end of the story. 

One of my goals  year is to read novels, I did not set a limit so I have accomplished that goal.  I am already on my second book, but need to get in some work related reading too.  I have found out when I read for entertainment, it makes the reading of my texts for work go that much faster and easier. 

I read this interesting stat on my Facebook  roll this morning from someone at our local radio station… I was just reading that 1 in 4 adults didn’t read any books last year… I first heard this from John Piper, he said that in reading just 15 minutes a day, you could easily knock off a 200 page book a month… just think of where you could go in a year having read 12 books! – Scott

Looks like the book has been made into a movie, can’t wait to see it. 

So, is reading books one of your goals for this year?  How many books do you normally read in a year? Do you think movies are ever as good as the book?

Anticipating a difficult day today…

I need a lot of positive thoughts today…

Something I am not looking forward to happening will take place today…

It is nothing earth shattering but just will have to deal with a situation I have not had to deal with for awhile…

So I am concentrating on this…

Being negative is easy.

 There will always be a downside to everything good,

 a hurdle to everything desirable,

 a con to every pro.

 The real courage is in finding the good in what you have,

 the opportunities in every hurdle,

the pros in every con.” 

 Carolyn Hax

Quote originally posted on Facebook by Exceptional Living