Take me out to the Ballgame

Last week I was lucky enough to win 4 tickets to our local baseball teams game. It was a perfect weather night and the kids were excited to go. (we will not count the meltdown princess had when she realized we were not going home for dinner, she wanted a waffle so bad that we ended up going to Ihop to appease her) Once we had finished our breakfast at supper meal we headed to the ballpark. I think the kiddos and I sat down in our seats for about a minute. Then we were off doing all the other fun stuff there was to do there, like jump in the gigantic duck inflatable, play in the sand box, play at the playground, play on the hill, hug all the mascots.

I am pretty sure the kids did not even know a baseball game was going on, they certainly did not watch any of it. Even though, we ended up having a great, fun and relaxing evening.

Here is the website for the team, Madison Mallards.

I thought I would find a youtube clip of Take me out to the ballgame for your entertainment. I found this vintage clip of a true icon, Harry Cary, if you grew up in Chicagoland you know how funny he could be at times. This is making me nostalgic for my younger days. Hope you enjoy it! (i love the 80’s hair, too!)

CLICK HERE to go to clip.

Are you a cubbies fan?