Photo Challange Jan 29 – Inside My Fridge

Let’s see what is in here tonight…

Parmesan Cheese

Apple Juice for the kiddos (they drink it very sparingly now days – I still water it down when they drink it too!)

Extra Milk that will not fit in the door

Oh, left over cheese sticks I made for the kiddos tonight.  Egg Roll Wrappers around a cheese stick baked, not fried, yummy!

An Atkins milkshake.eggs, sugar free jello and whipped cream all part of my Low Carb diet plan. oh, and don’t forget my 1/2 and 1/2 for my tea.  You can see  a spaghetti squash  and cauliflower too!

Bottom, cheese and meat drawer… pepperoni and tortillas can be seen in the front there.


That’s what is in the fridge tonight!