Thrifty Wall Key Display

Look at what I did for less than $ 10.00.

A key vignette of thrifty finds.

This baby is from Hobby Lobby super duper clearance.  $ 1.27 originally $ 18.00.  It WAS is good shape (until my daughter played with it).  She broke it.  It  is made of a plastic resin material, I thought I had hot glued it back together but when I went to hang it, it fell apart.  After a couple more tries I gave up with the glue and just taped it back together.  I used clear packing tape and I had a black paint pen I painted over it.  Looks pretty good, you have to really look close to notice it.

A GW find.  It is the most expensive at $ 3.99 but it was keys and at the time I thought I would do something crafty with only the keys but I have decided I like this piece the way it is.  It was originally sold by Target, 1 in a series of 4.   Does anyone have the set?  Or have seen it in blog land anywhere?

This little treasure was such an ugly duckling when I found it at GW for $ 2.99.  It was originally sold by World Bazaar and in the ugliest reddish brown color shadowbox frame.  The keys were just glued to a piece of plain wood (even the glue was showing.  Ugly, but I have no before pics – sorry.    A little can of black spray paint fixed the frame right up.  I used my hair dryer to get the keys unstuck from the piece of wood.   Found  a lovely piece of scrapbook paper and covered that plain wood right up.  When I repositioned the keys they were off a bit and I thought I should add something to the center.  HOME was it … a few more supplies from my scrapbook stash and viola.  Much prettier wall art than how it was originally sold.

These two little shadow boxes came from IKEA years ago… I have never been able to find a home for them until now.   I forget h0w much they cost but not much and since they have just been collecting dust for at least the last 5 -6 years they are happy to finally have a home.

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Thrifty Treasures

I was able to sneak away to GW yesterday as I was on a run for some garden soil to plant some rose bushes.  I also dropped off two huge bags of stuff collected in my de-cluttering attempt.

Here are the treasures I found:

I was drawn to this picture at first due to the frame but then the actual painting started growing on me.  I think it will be a start to a gallery inspired wall leading up to our upstairs.

Close up of the painting …  Anyone ever heard of oil painting by La Bonte’ ?

An IKEA framed print…. found a home hanging under our breakfast bar.

A sweet little white eyelet shirt for my girl.

And a nifty little pair of wedge sandal’s for moi.

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